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Contents Insurance

Peace of mind protection for your belongings! 

Your homeowner or business insurance policy may not offer coverage or full coverage for the items you keep at a storage facility. At Alpine Storage, we can quickly quote on an insurance policy that ensures your belongings have the appropriate coverage.

Questions about insurance?

Why do I need storage unit insurance?


While we can keep your items in a secure facility, we can't protect against unforseen occurences and things like fires, floods and earthquakes. While rare, these things can and do happen.

Doesn't my home or business insurance cover items in my storage unit?


You should confirm with your insurance provider. Many homeowner and business policies do not cover or restrict their coverage for items that are not kept on your own premises. Even if your policy does cover items at storage facilities, they may limit the amount or have restrict the terms of what is covered. It's best to ensure you have adequate coverage.

What does contents insurance cover?


Contents insurance covers against burglary, leaking water, vermin, smoke, lightning, earthquake, wind, fire, tornado and hurricane.

How much does storage insurance cost?


Storage insurance rates start as low as $7.95/month for $1,000 of coverage. Examples of SAFESTOR Tenant Insurance coverage provided by Ponderosa Insurance Agency LLC:

  • $1000 = $7.95/mth
  • $5,000 = $10.95/mth
  • $10,000 = $20.95/mth
  • $15,000=$35.95/mth

All quoted prices subject to change. Taxes not included.

Is my vehicle covered by contents insurance?


Contents insurance generally doesn't apply to vehicles. You should ensure you have adequate storage coverage on any vehicle through your vehicle insurance provider. The same applies for motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV's, UTV's, golfcarts, tractors, equipment, etc.

How do I get contents insurance?


You can quickly and easily get insurance through one of our providers, or you can utilize your existing home or business insurance provider.

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